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Wage and Hour Litigation

Wage and hour rights center around the right to be treated fairly in wages and working conditions.

wage and hour

The law generally tries make sure employees get a fair shake at work. To make sure that happens, the law imposes hundreds if not thousands of rules employers are required to follow. These rules cover how employers calculate and pay employees’ wages, schedule employees for work, give employees breaks, and permit employees days of rest or sick days, among a great many other workplace issues.

Common ways we see employers treat their employees unfairly include:

  • Allowing or requiring employees to work off the clock without pay;
  • Improperly rounding employees’ clock times;
  • Failing to calculate overtime correctly;
  • Paying fixed salaries to employees who by law should receive overtime pay for hours worked beyond 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week;
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors;
  • Not providing employees with compliant rest and meal breaks;
  • Failing to pay employees penalty wages for missed rest and meal breaks;
  • Improperly withholding wages or tips;
  • Not reimbursing employees for job-related expenses, such as gas, cell phone usage, office supplies, or transit fares;
  • Paying wages late, or with bad checks;
  • Failing to provide employees with accurate paystubs; and
  • Violating the terms of the employee’s employment agreement.

Our firm has extensive experience fighting for these rights, whether through private and confidential negotiations, or through full-fledged litigation and trial. We have successfully fought employers both large and small, including major tech companies and governmental entities. And while we never back down from a fight, we also regularly help our clients achieve their goals through less vocal, more collaborative means when appropriate.

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