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Personal Injury Litigation

When you suffer an injury and someone else is at fault—such as in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian incident—the law will generally require that person at fault compensate you for your injuries.

personal injury

However, it is rarely so simple for personal injury victims, who frequently see insult added to injury by insurance companies that do everything they can to avoid paying what you are owed, and medical providers that drastically overcharge you for basic medical care. On top of that, even the most well-prepared and level-headed person can forget to take basic steps to protect their rights when the unexpected and unthinkable happens.

Our firm helps victims by standing between them and the insurance companies, the medical providers, and anyone else who would prevent them from receiving fair compensation for their injuries. That means you can let us work to get you the best possible recovery, while you concentrate on getting well. We have years of experience fighting for victims’ rights, and never hesitate to take insurance companies to court if necessary to see our clients made whole.

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