Kristoffer Solomon

Kristoffer Solomon


Kristoffer is a Certified Google Data Analyst, holding a profound academic background in Accountancy from the esteemed National College of Business and Arts in Quezon City, Philippines. With a distinguished track record spanning over half a decade, he has amassed invaluable expertise in the realms of data and financial analysis.

During his tenure at a prominent Business Process Outsourcing Company in the Philippines, Kristoffer undertook the pivotal responsibility of meticulously scrutinizing financial data to facilitate judicious decision-making across various business units. Moreover, his professional journey encompassed a significant stint at the United Nations Development Programme, where he adeptly managed and analyzed COVID-related data of considerable import within his nation.

Presently, Kristoffer holds the position of Data Analyst at Liberation Law Group, where he applies his astute analytical proficiencies to provide invaluable support to legal practitioners in the pursuit of their cases. He is also an active member in the Philippine Football community, and has a keen interest in the realms of cryptocurrency and stock trading.