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Employment Litigation

Employment litigation is a complaint in which an employee sues an employer or an employer is sued because of an employment-related issue. It involves pay, overtime and other situations in which an employee suffered biased treatment in connection with his/her job. At question it may be claims of discrimination or harassment. Employment litigation can also include an employee’s claim of action illegal under whistle blower protections, violations of workplace safety, or issues related to benefits such as insurance, workers compensation, or pension. Though many employees are well thought-out to have employment on an at-will basis, much employment litigation result from terminated positions. If the employer was found to have taken the action because of the employee’s race, gender, or other protected class, the action was illegal. Employers are advised to provide employees with their expectations in writing and develop a process that leads to discipline and dismissal in order to protect themselves against this type of employment litigation.

The California employment lawyers at Liberation Law Group have a long track record of success in recovering damages and defending the rights of employees across the entire state of California. Liberation Law Group has delivered great outcomes on a consistent basis.

Our company has extensive experience in fighting for these rights, either through private and confidential negotiations, or through litigation and trial. We have successfully fought technology companies and government entities, both large and small. And while we never back down from a fight, we also regularly help our clients achieve their goals through less vocal means with increased collaboration where appropriate. We also have experience guiding employees through work matters such as taking pregnancy or medical breaks, requesting reasonable accommodations, or negotiating employment and severance agreements


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An experienced employment attorney checks alleged workplace complaints regarding violations of employment laws; competent identification of broken employment laws requires an employment lawyer experienced to identify complaint violations during this stage of discovery. The workplace attorney then prepares the legal underpinnings of the employment lawsuit argument by juxtaposing violations upon statutorily adequate legal basis.

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