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Arlo Garcia Uriarte, Attorney

Arlo Uriarte

Arlo Uriarte’s law practice has been focused on serving the underserved population who clamor for justice. These include victims of employment situations where hard working members of our Bay Area are subjected to difficult working conditions. Often immigrant workers are not afforded the respect of being provided worker protection and rights.

Unfortunately, there has been increasing pressure for workers to work more without the corresponding benefit of better working protections or better pay.

As an attorney since 2004, Arlo has been successful in litigating, settling and obtaining judgments for workers in the Bay Area. Arlo is a first generation immigrant who understands the experiences and struggles of hardworking people.

Arlo is the managing attorney of Liberation Law Group, P.C., located in San Francisco’s Mission district. The firm also represents clients in personal injury. He has a passion for representing clients who have been harmed or feel that their rights have not been properly addressed. Arlo has a knack for building relationships with his clients and helping them turn difficult situations into better futures. Success often comes from the pride and respect earned by clients after standing up for their rights.

Arlo is also a trial attorney who fights for the rights of victims of personal injury. Arlo has worked in the Bay Area legal community since 1991, first as a legal assistant for various personal injury firms. He has extensive experience settling claims with insurance companies. While most cases settle, Arlo has experience taking cases to trial. for proper adjudication by the jury. He has obtained multi-million dollar judgments and settlements for his clients.

Arlo graduated from University of San Francisco School of Law ‘2003. He won the CALI Award for Excellence in Family Law. He has taught as an adjunct professor at the Employment Law Clinic with USF since 2008. He was selected as a Super Lawyer since 2014.

Arlo prides himself as a multi-cultural, cross-generational, world lover. He is a people person who is fueled in his everyday life by helping others.

Arlo is a Spanish speaking attorney.

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