Andrea Ortiz

Andra Ortiz


Andrea joined Grupo Legal Liberación in March 2018. Andrea grew up in Richmond, California for most of her life and recognizes the battle her community is experiencing. As the proud daughter of immigrant parents, Andrea has been an advocate for those who have been bullied, harassed, and intimidated to remain silent and has made it her mission to give them a voice. In the past, Andrea has partnered with different organizations in the East Bay such as The Latina Center and The Multicultural Center to provide support and resources to immigrant families in her community. ​

Andrea graduated with her BA in Criminal Justice from San Francisco State University in May 2013. During her studies at San Francisco State University, Andrea was an intern at HOMEY SF (Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth), an organization in San Francisco focused on helping young people and guiding them on the path of education. For Andrea it was important to inspire young people and instill basic skills such as critical thinking, leadership skills and financial literacy.

Prior to joining the Liberation Law Group, Andrea worked as a Legal Clerk at the Law Offices of Andrew Wolff, PC where she continuously worked with clients from many educational, multicultural and socioeconomic backgrounds who were wrongfully evicted and / or forced to live in uninhabitable conditions. This line of work was especially important to Andrea because many of the victims of the housing crisis in the Bay Area are low-income and / or minority people and immigrants.

Andrea is bilingual in English and Spanish. During her free time, Andrea enjoys traveling, dancing, and reading.

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